Friday, December 12, 2008

Yesterday! omg! lol. We had a field trip! and i havent had this much fun in since elementary! So the day started with getting to school and having a short breakfast, and then coming to class. we left around 9 and got there around 9 :30. we were still super early, so we went out to the business mall and had starbucks, sight saw a little, and then had a little snack with Isamar. :] so then when it was time around 10:30 we went back and they put us in the conference room and the two lady's came and the game operations guy Gabe came in and told us their story.
They have very interesting stories in how they came to be in their jobs. And to be honest, i thought all these people were going to be old and rigid, they turned out to be young and fun. It gave me hope that i might actually make it into the business world if put my mind and dedication to it. I didnt know The Rockets played on top of ice. he he he. well anyways, then we met this other guy named Jason who does all the design for the Aeros. I would love to have his job, he does all the fun stuff, well sorta, he takes the photographs at the game, the posters, the advertising things, etc. I love photography, and i love using photoshop, maybe later ill consider a position in that or something. But anyways, their a low budget minor leage team and because of that they are more compact, more like family and people who care about what they do. They dont seem like the kind of people who hate going to work each morning. Because they aren't as big as other teams and sports i think it makes them humble. I think people who work in the business side of sports only care about bringing in the money as well as having power in the industry. Well from the morning part of our day, i learned a lot from these people. They weren't boring, they weren't trying to scare us, they were being honest. Running and managing a team and making sure your also making profit is a hard job, but it takes everyone to make it successful, and from what i saw, the Aeros are successful because they have a staff that cares, and who is also efficient. From what i learned yesterday i will keep in mind for my future reference, and also as good advice in my career.
So at night! OMG! we had fun walking around the business mall and then making fun of the people below us in the street. lol. and we were making a musical before the lady told us to leave. what a party pooper. lol. well anyways after we went to the park and played freeze tag! i havent played that in years either. specially with people my age. :] it was fun, but then it wasn't cause i hate being the one who has to tag everyone else. lol. i have short legs... everyone gets away from me.... lol. well anyways we went inside the Toyota center and had a tour, that place is huge! i had never been inside there. and i did not know there was suites in there, a fancy shmancy restaurant, and omg, it was just cool. hahaha. we got to see the Aeros warm up, close up! omg Mr. 19!!!!!!!! lol. they were super extra tall! well the game began, and we watched, and i didnt know much about the sport but then i learned as i watched. I must say that game is so violent but so awesome at the same time. There was a fight! a big one! #20, Mr. Scott! the other picked the fight but i must say #20 kicked his butt and showed him whose boss! lol. we had to leave at 9 unfortunately but the game was awesome, the corporate part was awesome, Mr. 19 was awesome, the whole day was awesome. lol. So that was my day in the Aeros field trip. it was the most fun i've had in a while, but at the same time educational. :]
Thanx Mrs. Cuellar for taking us!!! ohh and Coach for bringing us back!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The end of the project

This project was sorta fun. From this project I learned that planning a concert takes time, you gotta know where to play, and how to prote it in order to make money. We applied the marketing mix to our project by combining the 7 key fuctions with our project to have a successful band. We researched, we planned, we promoted, we priced, and so on. Our target market for this project were the people who liked to listen to country of any age. We positioned ourselves in the market by promoting by what people like and will buy. We combined all the fuctions by intergrating each funtion in the assignments.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Progression on the Project

So we have made real progress with our project. We came up with a name which is Lone Stampede, we chose the genre which is country. Were a country band named Lone Stampede who is going to tour all around the country and our tour name is The Road Awaits. Our sponser is Dodge Rams :] he he he. We have been stuck in several places like coming up with names thats hard. hmmmmmmmm....... we are a band of three and our members are Destin and Wille, myself included. We started out playing in Destin's garage and then after a while of playing small things people began to like our music and our music began to be popular. After playing a big gig we became even more famous and signed a contract with Mars.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

the four things studied

The four things that we have studied are Planning, Distribution, Focus Group, and Selling. We have learn how if you dont have a plan for your product then its not going to be successful and it is more likely to have some kind of problem with it, if you have a plan everything is faster and more successful. When we talked about distribution we learned how it is important to get your product from the werehouse to the destined store where they will sell it. How the company has roadblocks and how it supposed to get there safely. In the Focus Group we learned that it is important to survey people so the company has a better idea of what the people like and that way they can better their product. In Selling we learned to how appeal to the customers.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

new things

well since we have been accepted to the Flat Classroom Project we have been exposed to a series of new things. First a new account at the Flat Classcoom Project. then were gonna meet new ppl so thats new too. and i think its gonna be pretty awesome! and lets see hmmm. i had to write about what happens here in school and what i do and all this stuff and then i had to record it in a microphone so i could upload the voice thingy to the page so the other ppl can hear my introduction to the project. and then we had to get an Evoca account so we could upload or voice thingys there too. and so all of that is new and im tired of typing. :P


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i almost died!

haha jk. hmmm well lets see i lost power on friday at 6:15pm on friday. it was horrible no tv!!! later on about an hour the wind started and it felt a lil fresh but my house was full. my aunt and my two lil cousins, my uncle with my other cousin, my mom, sister and me. too many ppl in one household. we were outside playing for a while, and then we went to my aunts house who lives 5 houses away from mine and we cooked there cuz she has a gas stove. after dinner the wind started picking up so we decided it was time for bed. we all layed where we could and since it was really really really hot we left our front and back door open but with the gates closed. i couldnt fall asleep. i listened to a lil bit of music and eventually drifted off to my happy place. in the middle of the night i woke up to some banging noise outside. i checked around the house but i couldnt find anything, when i got the patio window i noticed that our lil roof was comming off and it was hitting against the wood. I walked to the front door gate and looked outside. The wind was horrible!! The trees looked like they were gonna tople over us, i thought hmm yea my house is gonna be destroyed, i might as well die sleeping. hahaha jk jk jk. I went back to my lil spot on the floor and turned on my ipod again and slept again. I kept waking up the whole night but i slept some. next day, we were all alive and my house hadn't fallen. YAY! so saturday was cold now, which was a relief cuz of the freakin heat! so that day we all ate sanwhiches cuz yea no stove. so saturday was boring and then sunday morning i had to work at 9am. My mom and me started driving our usual route when we notice that blalock was a river, it took me half an hour to get to my job when normally it only takes me 5 mins. and sooo the whole week i worked, i didnt spend much time at home. but the cool air at night was pretty good. and i bearly got power back on sunday. so yesterday was my lazy day. :P hmm yea thats my story. he he he.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Interesting Facts

some interesting facts that i learned is that Raul likes supernatural, and smallville. Clearance wants to meet the rockets. sean strives for the best. Trent likes smashed potatoes and steak with corn. Dwayne wants to excel in meteorology. Stephanie loves music. Willie loves blue. and other stuff.